Clean & Simple Design

The SocialFoto interface is an elegant interactive touch screen. Users share their photo and video experiences in real time via email, MMS, and social media channels.


SocialFoto is a highly scalable platform. The system can be configured for a single unit application or deployed as part of a network of units in various locations.


The SocialFoto content management system takes all the effort out of customizing the system. The web-based console allows an administrator to easily manage and configure the visual assets of a system.

Customizable Interface
world wide reach

SocialFoto is a completely customizable platform that helps businesses engage with customers throughout the world in a fun and intuitive way.

Nearly every aspect of the interface is customizable. SocialFoto allows you to upload custom background graphics, logos, videos, photo frames, realtime color filters and more. The system is easily configured to deliver photos and videos to a variety of social media sites as well as custom HTML email and MMS text messages.

Brands & Locations
photo and video from anywhere

SocialFoto can be mobilized for various events such as brand activations and trade shows. In addition to mobile use cases, SocialFoto can also be seamlessly integrated into permanent establishments such as stadiums, restaurants, and clubs.

Along with social media buzz, branding, and connections, SocialFoto enables businesses to deliver direct response offers and promotions both on the SocialFoto platform and beyond. Every picture that is taken, shared, published, and re-shared has your advertisements and offers attached for the ride.

SocialFoto in action

Watch people engage with SocialFoto at events throughout the world.

SocialFoto has been used by various brands in a number of high profile locations with phenomenal success.


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